Small Groups

We want to connect and develop meaningful relationships that will impact our lives and our faith. We know that our weekend worship services are more geared toward a teacher/student type setting. Our Small Groups are geared more to facilitate healthy, constructive discussion and provide time for group members to connect and care for each other. Our groups typically have less than 15 people, allowing for great discussion and connection.


That’s a great question to ask. A Small Group is nothing more than a group of people meeting sometime during the week to dig in a little deeper. We believe that as Cape Fear gets bigger we have to get smaller. So, we meet at the church building, in homes, at restaurants and elsewhere in our Small Groups throughout the week. The meetings are usually anywhere from an hour to two hours. The group leader will help guide and direct the time, but they are not there to teach. Their goal is to facilitate the discussion and assist the group in connecting.

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